What is America's Farmer's Market? To help answer that question, here are a few thoughts which inspired it's creation.
* America's public schools never seem to have enough money to do everything possible to ensure the very best education for all students. 
* America's small businesses are one of the best hopes to help our economy grow by creating new jobs in these challenging times.
* Americans enjoy eating locally produced, healthy, artisan food products.
* Wouldn't it be excellent if there was a way to do something which could help with all the above regularly, just by enjoying some of your regions locally produced specialty food products? 

Now there is! That's the goal of America's Farmer's Market, a unique, new, non-profit organization, inspired by the great accomplishments of Paul Newman and his food products, which do so much good. By participating in this unique new project, you can:
* Support the local public schools in your city or town.
* Support the smaller, local and regional specialty food businesses, creating new jobs. 
* Eat delicious, high quality, healthy, locally and regionally produced food products. 

 Here's how it started. .
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     Support America's Public Schools By Supporting America'sSmall Specialty Food Producers

How to Participate:
Support Schools
How to Participate:
How to Participate:
Food Producers

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New, from the creator of this website:
(The America's Farmer's Market initiative & website are still under construction.)