FAQ for Producers

1. How does the process work?

2. How do specialty food businesses have their products listed, and participate in America's Farmer's Market?

3. What are the benefits of having your specialty food products listed for sale on America's Farmer's Market?

4. How is this different from other similar concepts?

5. What about shipping costs?

6. How is America's Farmer's Market funded, if 100% of the profits of all sales are divided between public schools and the small manufacturers?

7. Who created America's Farmer's Market?

8. What inspired the creation of America's Farmer's Market?

1. As a producer of specialty foods products, you automatically qualify to be listed, at no cost to you, in the America's Farmers Market on-line mall Directory. When you choose to participate, by indicating  you will sell your products to the parents of children attending specific public schools as a fundraiser for individual, specific schools, via America's Farmers Market links, your listing will be in Red & Bold.. This will indicating to your potential customers that you are an active part of the America's Farmers Market project, aiding in the funding of local public schools. To begin participation, all you need to do is Submit Company Information to America's Farmers Market. Once you do, you will receive a confirmation and an information packet. Again, there is no fee to sell your products on America's Farmers Market, and you can continue selling your products as you have been, in all other venues.

The concept of America's Farmers Market is unique and not complicated. It is structured so that everyone involved wins. You, as a specialty foods producer win because you will sell more of your products with the national media exposure from being a part of America's Farmers Market, and make more profit, by selling direct to consumers, eliminating the costs of brokers, distributors and retail fees. At the same time,the sales of your products will be aiding in the funding of local public schools, and helping America eat healthier.

In order to make this work, and aid in the funding of public schools everywhere, it will be necessary for you to recalculate your selling prices, with broker, distributor and retail fees eliminated, and redirecting the dollars which would have been spent in this manner to become donations for funding the public school designated by each purchaser of your products via America's Farmers Market. Your target selling price should allow you to earn your desired profit, while allowing for an equal amount to aid public schools. The tax benefits of your charitable donations will also help your bottom line. Thus, the goal here is to price your products accordingly so that your profit can be divided equally between your business and a public school, with your share what it needs to be for your business.

When a customer indicates their purchase is an America's Farmers Market purchase, they will indicate which public school they would like their purchase to help to fund.   In order to keep a record of purchases of your products each month, a Record of Monthly America's Farmers Market Sales page can be printed out or copied and pasted. On the first of each month, you should send your monthly record of sales through America's Farmers Market for individual schools to sales@americasfarmersmarket.org. Profits from the revenues from these transactions should be transferred to a special account at America's Farmers Market. A confirmation receipt will follow all communications. Any questions should be sent to info@americasfarmersmarket.org.

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2. It's easy to have your specialty food products sold on the America's Farmer's Market on-line mall. Here's how:
A. First, go to the FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions page for general information.
B. If you have any other questions after reading the FAQ's, just email us at info@americasfarmersmarket.org or call us at 508-869-0055, and we'll answer any other questions.
C. Once you've decided you'd like to participate in America's Farmer's Market and have your products listed, go to the Submit Company Information page and complete the Company Information form. Once we receive your information, indicating that you would like to fully participate, by sharing your profits from the sale of your products on America's Farmers Market, we will email you that your participation is activated, and send you more information.

D. That's all there is to it. You'll be notified in a few days, as soon as your site is registered as being a member. back to top

3. The benefits of having your products listed on this website are unique:

A. To start with, it gives you the opportunity to sell directly to consumers at a reasonable price, without the necessity of adding on the additional fees of brokers, distributors, store mark-ups and store promotional fees, and jumping through the numerous "hoops" required to do business in the usual manner.
B. Rather than most of the profits from your products going to the previously mentioned brokers, distributors and retailers, you'll be splitting your profits with the local public schools selected by your customers, doing some extra good for local and area communities, rather than supporting corporate giants.
C. By being a part of America's Farmers Market, your products will be seen by many more individuals than if your website were on it's own. back to top

4. Other similar concepts give only a small percent of the profits from the sale of products on their on-line malls. With America's Farmers Market, 100% of the profits from all sales on this website will be divided 50-50 between your small business and the public schools designated to receive funding by your customers. back to top

5. Shipping charges are at the discretion of each producer. It is recommended, if possible, to have "Free Shipping", as this is always the most attractive option for consumers and has become quite common to the point that if you do charge for shipping, it often discourages potential customers from buying your products. The cost of shipping just one single unit of your products is often more than the cost of the product itself. Often the best way to allow the waiiving of shipping charges is to specify that shipping will not be charged if the order meets a minimum which is high enough to absorb shipping costs, and factor them in that way. Another common way to allow for free shipping is to build some of the shipping costs into the selling prices. It is recommended that you do enough research, both on-line and otherwise, to be sure you have the best possible options for your specific situation. Anyone knows that shipping is never really FREE, because all shipping sources must charge a fee to stay in business. back to top

6. The operations of America's Farmer's Market is completely funded by ad fees paid by the suppliers of the products and services needed to produce artisan food products, on this site as well as our other websites. Operations includes both labor and website costs. This allows 100% of all revenues from purchases on America's Farmers Market to be divided 50-50, between each producer and the public school designated to receive funding, specified with each order. back to top

7. America's Farmer's Market was created by Harvey Clark of Boylston, Massachusetts. He is the founder of Mondi Enterprises Inc., which produces and sells Angus Sauces , www.angussauces.com, Mondi's Vegan Cooking Sauces, www.vegancookingsauces.com , as well as the author of "How to Make a Profit Creating and Producing Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA,available onAmazon.com. Sales from all the above fund the operations of this website. back to top

8. It all started with an idea, to do something like Paul Newman did to earn enough profits to do something really worthwhile by selling our own specialty food creations, some dressings and sauces? Well, after several years of trying to do just that, and finding out making a profit is easier said than done, this evolved into another idea. This time, the idea was based on why the last idea wasn't so easy to accomplish. It seems that in order to sell enough units of an item to pay all the costs of selling your specialty food products on a large enough scale to make enough profit to do something good with, there usually turns out to be far more expenses than anticipated, like brokers, distributors and store mark-ups, just to name a few, with little or no profits to show for the efforts.

Coincidentally, that's just how it seemed when talking with others travelling down the same specialty foods road, trying to make a profit creating and selling their own food products, usually pretty discouraging. Anyway, that's what inspired the next idea, this website. You see, we still wanted to create profits the way Paul Newman's food business did, and do some real good, so this led to a new plan. Our initial goal was selling our own food products to help public schools having financial difficulties, as is often mentioned on the evening news. The new challenge, trying to figure out how to create a way all small, struggling specialty food producers everywhere could somehow unite to become successful. That brings us to America's Farmer's Market. Here's how the new plan came about.

While viewing our local public school's website, we noticed there were links to a couple on-line malls which gave a small portion of their revenues to the schools, if the school signed on and added a link to the mall on their site. That, combined with what has been mentioned above, inspired the idea of America's Farmer's Market. This new concept, selling directly to consumers as at a farmer's market via public school websites, could help all participating schools, as well as all participating small specialty food producers. In fact, by selling direct to consumers and eliminating many of the costs of selling in traditional stores, there will be enough profits to give 50% to participating schools, and still make a better profit than before.

100% of all revenues from purchases on America's Farmer's Market will go to public schools and local specialty food producers. Funding for this website comes from aad fees paid by the suppliers of the goods and services needed on this as well as our other sites. Thus, has evolved the idea for America's Farmer's Market. back to top