FAQ for Schools

1. How do the public schools receive the funds?

2. How often will schools receive funds, and how will they receive them?

3. How is this different from other similar concepts?

4. How is America's Farmer's Market funded, if 100% of the profits of all sales are divided between public schools and the small manufacturers?

5. Who created America's Farmer's Market?

6. What inspired the creation of America's Farmer's Market?

1. When you shop in the America's Farmer's Market on-line mall, you shop pretty much like you would in any on-line mall. The difference here, is that after you've completed a transaction in any of America's Farmers Market's individual specialty food producer's storers, you send a quick email to them from their contact page, specificying which public school you'd like to receive 50% of the profits from your purchase, with the other 50% of the profits aiding the growth of the small business you made your purchase from, helping local economies. You will receive a confirmation after each purchase that your favorite public school will be promptly funded. back to top

2. As each purchase is made on the America's Farmer's Market on-line mall, each specialty food producer participating in AFM will email us the specified public school designated to receive funds, as indicated by the individual shoppers who've made the purchases in the mall, and the amount each school should receive, for our records. Once per month, we tally all the information from all merchants, and transfer all the funds received from each producer, to a predesignated account for each individual, participating public school.   back to top

3. Other similar concepts give only a small percent of the profits from the sale of products on their on-line malls. On America's Farmers Market, 100% of the profits from all sales on this website will be divided 50-50 between your small business and the public schools designated to receive funding from your customers.  back to top

4. The operations of America's Farmer's Market are funded by a ad fees paid by the suppliers of the products and services used by producers to make the products on this website. These suppliers can be found on our Specialty Food's Best Resources website. Operations includes both labor and website costs. This allows 100% of all revenues from purchases on AFM to be divided 50-50, between each producer and the public school designated to receive funding, specified with the order.
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5.  America's Farmer's Market was created by Harvey Clark of Boylston, Massachusetts. He is the founder of Mondi Enterprises Inc., which produces and sells Angus Sauces , www.angussauces.com, Mondi's Vegan Cooking Sauces, www.vegancookingsauces.com , as well as the author of "How to Make a Profit Creating and ProducingYour Own Specialty Food Products in the USA,available on Amazon.com.
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6. It all started with an idea, to do something like Paul Newman did to earn enough profits to do something really worthwhile by selling our own specialty food creations, some dressings and sauces. Well, after several years of trying to do just that, and finding out it's easier said than done, this evolved into another idea. This time, the idea was based on why the last idea wasn't so easy to accomplish. It seems that in order to sell enough units of an item to pay all the costs of selling your specialty food products on a large enough scale to make enough profit to do something good with, there usually turns out to be far more expenses than anticipated, like brokers, distributors and store mark-ups and promotions, with little or no profits to show for the efforts.

Coincidentally, that's just how it seemed when talking with others travelling down the same specialty foods road, trying to make a profit creating and selling their own food products, usually pretty discouraging. Anyway, that's what inspired the next idea, this website. You see, we still wanted to create profits the way Paul Newman's food business did, and do some real good, so this led to a new plan. Our initial goal was selling our own food products to help public schools having financial difficulties, as is often mentioned on the evening news. The new challenge, trying to figure out how to create a way all small, struggling specialty food producers everywhere could somehow unite to become successful. That brings us to America's Farmer's Market. Here's how the new plan came about.

While viewing our local public school's website, we noticed there were links to a couple on-line malls which gave a small portion of their revenues to the schools, if the school signed on and added a link to the mall on their site. That, combined with what has been mentioned above, inspired the idea of America's Farmer's Market. This new concept, selling directly to consumers, like at a farmer's market but via public school websites, could help all participating schools, as well as all participating small specialty food producers. In fact, by selling direct to consumers and eliminating many of the costs of selling in traditional stores, there will be enough profits to give 50% to participating schools, and still make a better profit than before.

100% of all revenues from purchases on America's Farmer's Market will go to public schools and local specialty food producers. Funding for this website comes from ad fees paid by the suppliers of the goods and services the producers used to make the products you see on our Specialty Food's Best Resources website. Thus, has evolved the idea for America's Farmer's Market. back to top