Who doesn't like to eat fresh, healthy, locally produced, artisan food products, unique gourmet foods, made with the human touch without artificial and chemical additives found in many of the mass-produced foods made by giant food conglomerates? 

It's often not easy to find these hand-crafted local products, since they can seldom be found in  large chain stores, because it's difficult and costly for producers to get products into these big stores. Large, established national food manufacturers are generally the only ones with products in these large stores. This severely limits your options for buying locally produced artisan foods, unless you have the time to travel to a number of smaller shops.

America's Farmer's Market is a new, non-profit organization now being created for 2014 to help solve that problem and more. Now, on this website, there's a huge, growing number of the healthiest, best tasting, artisan, gourmet food products available at your fingertips. And the best part is, you support the local public schools of your choice, as well as the local creators of the products you buy, with your on-line purchases made here on the Farmer's Market. Schools and Producers will split 100% of the profits from all your purchases, 50-50. All of our operating costs are paid by ad fees from the suppliers of the products and services needed to create artisan foods, on our Specialty Food's Best Resources website, as well as from the sales of our book, How to make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA, available on Amazon.com.  

Each month 50% of the profits from all purchases made on this site will be directly deposited to the designated public school's bank accounts designated by shoppers, while the small manufacturers will keep the other 50% of the profits, so they can grow, creating more healthy products and more new local jobs. To view the gourmet foods currently available on America's Farmer's Market, just visit The Market.

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