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  The Origin of America's Farmer's Market

It's likely you're familiar with the outdoor farmer's markets you see here and there in warmer weather months. This website is a 24/7/365 on-line version of that, with a little twist. Simply stated, this website is a way small, local, specialty food producers can sell the gourmet treats you seldom see in most stores, directly to consumers, and support local public schools at the same time.

It all started with an idea, to do something like Paul Newman did to earn enough profits to do something really worthwhile, by selling our own specialty food creations, some dressings and sauces. Well, we still sell our own products, American Salad Dressings, but after several years of trying to earn enough profits to make a real contribution to society somehow, and finding out profitability is easier said than done, that project evolved into another idea. This time, the idea was based on the realities of why the last idea wasn't so easy to accomplish. 

It seems that in order to sell enough units of an item to pay all the costs of selling your specialty food products on a large enough scale to make enough profit to do something good, there usually turns out to be far more expenses than anticipated, like brokers, distributors, store mark-ups and promotions, etc., etc., with little or no profits to show for the efforts. 

Coincidentally, that's just how it seemed when talking with others travelling down the same specialty foods road, trying to make a living creating and selling their own food products, usually with discouraging results. Anyway, that's what inspired the next idea, this website. You see, we still wanted to create profits the way Paul Newman's food business did, and do some substantial good, so this led to a new plan.

Our initial goal was selling our own food products to help public schools having difficulties often mentioned on the evening news, such as paying enough teachers, security, keeping buildings in good shape, or purchasing supplies. The new challenge, was trying to figure out how to create a way all small, struggling specialty food producers everywhere could somehow unite to become successful, and help with this objective at the same time. That brings us to America's Farmer's Market. Here's how the new plan came about.

While first viewing our local public school's website, we noticed there were links to some on-line malls which gave a small portion of their revenues to the schools, if the school signed on and added a link to the mall on their site. That, combined with what has been mentioned above, inspired the idea of America's Farmer's Market. 

This new concept, selling directly to consumers in a similar manner as at a farmer's market, but via public school websites, would help all participating schools considerably, as well as all participating small specialty food producers. In fact, by selling directly to consumers and eliminating many of the hefty costs of selling in traditional stores, there would be enough profits to give 50% to participating schools, and still make a much better profit than before. 

100% of all revenues from purchases on America's Farmer's Market will be divided 50 -50 by public schools and local specialty food producers. Funding for this website comes from advertising fees paid by the suppliers of goods and services needed by small producers, on our website Specialty Food's Best Resources ,and from the sales of our food business books, on

Thus, evolved the idea for America's Farmer's Market.

Here's how it works.

If you would like to advertise your business on this website, and help expedite the growth of this project, click HERE.

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