How Shoppers Can Participate

It's easy to shop for the locally produced, artisan foods on this American Farmer's Market website. You just click on the Farmer's Market page, and scroll down the directory, clicking on any categories you're interested in. Each store whose membership has been processed and has signed on as a fully participation member, will be listed in Bold & Red.

Once you click on a category, an alphabetical list of the local and regional producers of products in that category will appear. As you click on any producer's link, you will go directly to the page on their website for products in the category you're seraching for. When you find items you'd like to purchase, you just follow the instructions for the web store you're currently visiting.

When you're finished with your shopping at one store, go to their email link and send them a confirmation that your purchase was made as part of America's Farmer's Market, and let them know the name and address of the school you want 50% of the profits of your purchase to go to, copying us at as a cross reference. As soon as each individual store receives your order and email, you will receive a confirmation of the order by email from the store.

Once you're finished at one store, you can visit other stores in that category, or go to some of the hundreds of other stores in that, or any other category in the mall. All purchases are made at each individual store, just as would happen if you were shopping in a traditional bricks and mortar shopping mall.

Once a month, each participating producer in the Market will send a list of Public Schools designated to receive contributions and the funds received for this purpose from sales on their web store to Americas Farmers Market for consolidation and distribution. A public record of funds for each school will be available on this website.