In today's economy, it seems like the evening news is often telling how schools need to lay off more teachers, because they can't afford to pay them, or that badly needed improvements for the facility and building security aren't in the budget. The primary goal of America's Farmer's Market is to create new funding to support the public schools in your area. We believe improved education is the best solution to all problems.

     50% of all profits from every purchase you make via  the "MARKET" on this website will be sent directly to the public school of your choice, with the other 50% of the profits going directly to the small artisan food businesses, which create and produce the gourmet items you can purchase on this site, rather than becoming corporate profits. This website is totally, 100% non-profit and is supported by ad fees, on our Specialty Food's Best Resources website, from the suppliers of the products and services needed to create specialty foods products.

      To participate and be eligible to receive funding from America's Farmer's Market, all your favorite public school needs to do is sign up with us, and place a link to this website's "Farmer's Market"on your favorite school's home web, page linking to America's Farmer's Market, so it can be viewed by everyone in the school's area who is interested in supporting the local public schools, as well as eating healthy and local. There is never any cost for public schools to participate.

      If you'd like to have your school linked to this website, so they can participate in this program too, here's more information.

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How to Participate:
How to Participate:
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