How It Works

For public schools:
America's Farmer's Market is a 24-7-365 fundraiser, with 100% of all after tax profits going to support America's public schools and America's small specialty food producers. 100% of all revenues will go toward supporting your local communities! 50% of all profits from the specialty food purchases made on this website support the local public schools of your choice, with the other 50% supporting the local small specialty food businesses whose products you purchase. Here's how schools can participate.

For small, local food producers:
America's Farmer's Market is a way for producers to sell more unique, locally made, healthy food products, while simultaneously supporting local public schools, by donating 50% of the profits from every purchase made by participating individuals, to the predesignated school. This is a better profit than would be made through traditional food distribution and sales channels, as this website is a unique, direct from the manufacturer, sales organization eliminating the hefty fees of brokers, distributors and retailers. There will also be tax benefits. Here are more details

For the general public:
America's Farmer's Market is a way to support local public schools as well as small, local gourmet food producers, by eating locally produced healthy foods, purchased direct from small, local manufacturers. 50% of all profits go to help fund the public school of your choice, while the other 50% goes to support the small local and regional artisans of the USA, in your own area. Here's more about shopping.

For the environment:
America's Farmer's Market will help save the environment, by reducing the carbon footprint of the foods you consume, by eliminating cross country shipments of foods by large trucks, eliminating fuel use and exhaust polution.

The initial set-up phase is nearly complete. Signing up schools & producers to participate is next!

For more, general information, you can go to Frequently Asked Questions.

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       Support America's Public Schools By Supporting America'sSmall Specialty Food Producers

How to Participate:
How to Participate:
Support Schools
How to Participate:
Food Producers